23 de noviembre de 2013


Did you know that 6 seconds before we make up our mind, science can predict which decision we are going to make. How is that possible?

What we are trying to understand is how modern science is seeking to answer a question that has fascinated humans for thousands of years : the search for consciousness.

Flashes of electricity inside the brain that give us the answer to problems that we have been trying to solve for months, or even years. A new key idea that nobody knows where is comes from. Why and how are those flashes and ideas produced at that very moment?

We constantly perceive information from outside ourselves, how are we conscious of them in the inside? Without that consciousness we stop being ourselves. We cannot even remember the first time we were aware of being ourselves.

Our body changes, our thoughts too, even our perception of reality, but we carry on being ourselves, since we are conscious of being an independent being. Is that consciousness inside the brain? Is it produced from something external? What happens to people that have brain damages? Are they conscious of themselves or not?

This documentary, presented by Marcus du Sautoy (see also the series "The Code" in this blog)  explores the human consciousness from a scientific way. Really interesting!!!!!

THE SEARCH FOR CONSCIOUSNESS (In English, no subtitles):


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