10 de noviembre de 2013


Newton’s world consisted on gravity that made objects collide or separate. That was the law of how things moved in the real world.  But as we developed technology to expand our perceptions, we began to develop tools that allowed  us to see infra and ultra frequencies that we couldn’t previously perceive, so we started to explore areas of the universe that had been invisible to our senses.

We discovered then that electrons can behave as particles or as waves. That was the discovery of the subatomic realm: the quantum mechanics and the theories of indeterminacy. The conexión between inside and outside, the conexión between above and below as the Hermetic laws determine from ancient times.

Our senses perceive everything as vibration. We hear frequency vibrations, we see vibrations, we touch vibrations in a very tiny band.

In this environment, astrology makes sense. As in the quantum universe, everything can be particle and wave, so, are the planets particles or waves?
For instance, moon is a bit of 13 cycles per year. Astrology is the study of these waves. Science is very good at measuring high frequence vibrations. For the very low ones, we have astrology.

Planet positions in the cosmos, specific aspects between planets send their vibrations, that, although we cannot perceive consciously, affect our behaviour and evolution, not only as individual beings but also as a race during the whole history.

In this conference, Rick Levine offers  a magistral explanation of all these subjects, showing also how certain aspects between planets have contributed to appear events during human history.  A well organised speech, full of examples and specific facts.

Mandatory to see and study for anyone interested in knowing how the whole universe affects the whole universe.

QUANTUM ASTROLOGY BY RICK LEVINE ( In english, no subtitles):



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